Hook Up

Hook Up is a 95 minute musical theatre piece from composer Chris Thornborrow and librettist Julie Tepperman.  It’s been a while coming.  I saw the first inklings of it at Tapestry Briefs in September 2013.  That morphed into Selfie seen in workshop in October 2015.  Now it’s morphed again.  The basic characters are still there and some of the plot elements but the focus has shifted from cyber-bullying to sexual consent and the context from high school to first year university.


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jabThis is maybe the first time a classical CD “single” has come my way.  There are just two tracks, each clocking in at six minutes and sixteen seconds and both are versions of Elliot Goldenthal’s 1975 work Jabberwocky.  The first is a setting of the the well known Lewis Carroll poem for bass-baritone and woodwind quartet (bassoon, clarinet, oboe and horn).  In the second the singer is replaced by a second bassoon.

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