Podcasting again

judgementalA couple of weeks ago Lydia Perovic of Definitely the Opera, The Globe and Mail and other sundry publications invited myself, Jenna Douglas Simeonov of Schmopera, Joseph So of Ludvig Van and Opera Canada, and Sara Constant of The WholeNote over to her place to record a podcast on our musical/operatic impressions of 2017.  She has summarised it rather nicely here, where you can also listen to it or download it.  It’s an hour and a quarter of controversy and, just maybe, erudition and wit.

A podcast with a twist

smartphone-and-headphonesThe latest The Big COC Podcast features regulars Gianmarco Segato of the COC, Wayne Gooding of Opera Canada magazine and myself.  The twist is that we are joined by Topher Mokrzewski and Joel Ivany; respectively the music director and artistic director of Against the Grain Theatre.  As regular readers will know they are also the co-creators of Figaro’s Wedding and two of the rising stars of the Canadian opera scene.  I think it made for an unusually interesting episode but, man, do I talk slowly.

You can find the podcast on the COC website and on iTunes.