Opera Companies etc

Against the Grain Theatre Company
Amplified Opera
Bicycle Opera Project
Canadian Art Song Project
Canadian Opera Company
Confluence Concerts
Essential Opera
FAWN Chamber Creative
Loose TEA Music Theatre
Opera Atelier
Opera 5
Toronto Summer Music

Opera People

Christopher Alden
Mireille Asselin
Ambur Braid
Dean Burry
Lucia Cesaroni
Neil Craighead
Brian Current
Emily D’Angelo
Wallis Giunta
Carla Huhtanen
Teiya Kasahara
Miriam Khalil
Suzie Leblanc
Cecilia Livingstone
Danika Lorèn (wins prize for quirkiest singer webpage)
Simone McIntosh
Marion Newman
Adam Scime
Stuart Skelton
Charles Sy
Krisztina Szabó

Blogs and Podcasts

Greatest Opera Singers
I Hear Voices
Kinderküchen for the FBI
Likely Impossibilities
Ludwig Van
Mostly Opera (inactive but a useful DVD review archive)
opera, innit?
Opera Obsession
Third Floor Republic


Opera Canada (Opera Canada magazine now has a website with actual reviews and stuff; some of them by me)

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hello fellow operablogger,

    congrats on your assembled collective works. I just read your post on Wozzek. Did you see the one by Peter Mussbach? It was much cleaner and for that matter more powerfull than the one done by Bieito. I think it is available in the Toronto Public Library.


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