More fun with DVD statistics

bad-news-statistics-1Thinking about the analysis I did of my DVD reviewing habits, by individual work, just after Christmas, I wondered if a different pattern would emerge if I looked by composer instead.  In a way it does show a different picture though some things remain the same.

Here’s the ranking based on the number of reviews of works by each composer with at least ten reviews (note this includes staged oratorios etc so may not be strictly comparable with Operabase).  The Operabase ranking, based on performances in the 2015/26 season, follows in brackets.

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Fun with DVD statistics

popularityI thought it might be interesting or amusing to compare the number of video recordings I’ve reviewed of various works with their Operabase popularity ranking (based on number of performances worldwide in the 2015/16 season).  I’ve reviewed a total of 467 DVDs and Blu-rays and 15 works have been reviewed five times or more.  That list includes five of Operabase’s top 10.

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It’s taken since May 16th 2014 to get from 300 to 400 recordings in the DVD review database.  But now we are there with 84 Blu-rays and 316 DVDs.  Surprisingly the Toronto Public Library is still a major source of material though one can see that the statistics are perhaps skewing a little more to my personal tastes.  This despite someone at TPL having a taste for 19th century turkeys from French and Belgian regional houses.  So, here’s the round up of the summary stats.

language400Italian is still the most common language with 30% of recordings but German has moved up relatively from 24% to 27%.  Perhaps surprisingly the proportion of recordings in English has hardly changed at all at 13%.  I would have thought that the proportion of contemporary works, many/most in English would have impacted the stats more.

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A quick look at the COC’s 2014/15 financials

jane_1415accountsI haven’t really done a full analysis of the COC’s recently released financials but what I have done suggests cause for cautious optimism.  As anyone who reads this blog knows I have, for the last three years or so, pointed up the rather stark reality underlying the company’s relentlessly optimistic propaganda.  To whit, a steady decline in seats sold, revenue and realisation (actual revenue dollars per seat sold).  This year doesn’t look so bad.

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Now we are four

bearjanesmallToday is Operaramblings fourth blogiversary.  In that time I’ve produced 1,089 posts which have been viewed a total of 270,084 times.  Maria Ewing continues to prove oddly popular.  The Salome DVD review has been read 3,622 times.  Traffic seems to have stabilised.  Having grown from 47,759 hits in 2012 to 93,209 hits last year I think it’s gone as far as it is going to; 7,000-8,000 hits/month.

So there you go.  Thanks to everyone who has, and continues, to make it fun.