2015 by the numbers

janestats15The total number of hits on Operaramblings in 2015 was down slightly from 2014 at 89,091 versus 93,208 but if one excludes the piece I wrote on the labour problems at the Met in July 2014, which garnered over 9,000 hits in 48 hours, the 2014 total comes out at 83,665 so I think maybe a 7-8% underlying growth rate is to be seen.

Aside from the index pages, the most popular pieces in the site continued to be, understandably, “Cheap tickets at the COC” and, less understandably, the review of Maria Ewing’s 1992 Salome at the ROH.  That one just keeps on giving!  Curious that the most popular search terms also continue to be variants on “Maria Ewing nude”.  There must be a lot of really pervy, old, opera fans.

The most popular articles published in 2015 were, somewhat surprisingly, the casting announcement for Julie and, less surprisingly, “2015 in review” and my review of Against the Grain’s Messiah.  All of these were read more than 500 times.

In total I published 269 articles.  Compared to previous years there were more live performance reviews and far fewer DVD reviews; partly because there were fewer DVDs I cared to see and partly because I’ve been waiting for two months for Sony to replace my faulty receiver.  I think there were also probably more essay like pieces.

Most visitors came from Canadian IP addresses with the US, UK and Germany some way behind.  There’s a long tail to the international distribution but even the Vatican State and French Polynesia get a look in.

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