More fun with DVD statistics

bad-news-statistics-1Thinking about the analysis I did of my DVD reviewing habits, by individual work, just after Christmas, I wondered if a different pattern would emerge if I looked by composer instead.  In a way it does show a different picture though some things remain the same.

Here’s the ranking based on the number of reviews of works by each composer with at least ten reviews (note this includes staged oratorios etc so may not be strictly comparable with Operabase).  The Operabase ranking, based on performances in the 2015/26 season, follows in brackets.

  1. Mozart – 52 reviews (2)
  2. Strauss, R – 32 reviews (10)
  3. Wagner – 31 reviews (5)
  4. Handel – 24 reviews (12)
  5. Britten – 23 reviews (16)
  6. Rossini – 21 reviews (4)
  7. Verdi – 20 reviews (1)
  8. Puccini – 16 reviews (3)
  9. Monteverdi – 12 reviews (30)
  10. Janáček – 11 reviews (17)
  11. Donizetti – 12 reviews (6)

For the record the Operabase “top ten” also contains Bizet (7), Strauss, J (8) and Tchaikovsky (9).

So seven of the Operabase top ten make my list and I would argue that Operabase’s 7,8,9 are a bit artificial being, basically, two one hit wonders and a Russian, most of whose performances take place in Russia.

No surprises really.  Mozart still dominates.  Composers who wrote a lot of operas like Handel and Rossini loom larger.  Both Verdi and Puccini are lower than general popularity might suggest and Britten and Strauss, R are much higher.  That’s an obvious reflection of my personal tastes.  I remain somewhat shocked at Monteverdi’s low ranking on Operabase.  It’s not just Poppea apparently.  Could it be that Monteverdi (and for similar reasons composers like Cavalli) are more often performed by groups that don’t make it into the Operabase stats.  Most of the Monteverdi I’ve seen live wasn’t in major opera houses.

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