News roundup

So what am I still watching on-line?

  • Opera Revue; they are still producing interesting concerts more or less weekly
  • Against the Grain; ditto plus interviews
  • Opera Vision; useful source of full length opera videos in less boring productions than the Met


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A Young Spacedog’s Guide to the Orchestra

Suppose, rather than a plummy BBC voiced narrator, that Benjamin Britten had chosen an animated dog in space to narrate The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra and that, rather than use variations on a theme by Purcell he’d used extracts from contemporary Canadian composers he might just have come up something like the Kingston Symphony and Gazelle Automations’ Harmon in Space.  Or maybe not.  But in any case this new series for kids mixes animation with real musicians to create a guide to the instruments of the orchestra.  The first episode (of a planned twelve) deals with the flute.  And what rhymes with “flute”?  Well “cute” of course.  And it is.  Very.  You can find it on the KSO’s Youtube channel (subscribe for future episodes) or via this direct link.


Web streams today

wallyThere are a couple of new streams coming up today.  At 3pm EST Opera North is releasing a recording of Bernstein’s Trouble in Tahiti from a couple of years ago.  The main local attraction is that Dinah is played by Wallis Giunta.  That one is on Youtube.  At 5pm husband and wife Alexander and Jimin Dobson are performing in the NAC’s Canada Performs series.  This link should get you there.

There were a couple of fun things posted yesterday too.  Ian Cusson performed in the NAC series playing 10 of the Shostakovich Preludes and Fugues.  It’s still up on Facebook.  Also the Kingston Symphony produced a very clever video of the finale of Beethoven’s Eroica with each musician performing their part at home and Evan Mitchell editing to create a complete video.  It’s very clever and it’s up on Youtube.