Afarin Mansouri talks about Tap:Ex Forbidden


Afarin Mansouri

Tapestry’s upcoming show TapEx: Forbidden features music by Iranian-born composer Afarin Mansouri with a libretto by Afro-Caribbean hip hop artist Donna-Michelle St. Bernard. Four vocalists are featured; Neema Bickersteth, soprano; Shirin Eskandani, mezzo-soprano; Alexander Hajek, baritone; and Saye Sky, Farsi rapper and spoken-word artist.  I have a long standing interest in blending western classical music with other cultures and genres, partly at least because I get to hear a lot of North Indian music, and I’ve been intrigued by other “fusion”projects such as Alice Ping Yee Ho’s The Lesson of Da Ji and some of the cross-cultural experimentations in dance such as Esmerelda Enrique and Joanna Das’ collaborations.  All of this is a long intro to saying that before Christmas I got the chance to put some questions to Afarin Mansouri about the upcoming show.  Her responses are enlightening and intriguing.  So here’s the exchange:
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An interview with Sir Thomas Allen

Sir Thomas Allen, noted baritone and Chancellor of Durham University, is in town rehearsing Don Alfonso in the COC’s new production of CosÌ fan tutte.  Yesterday evening, between rehearsals, he was kind enough to spend half an hour answering some questions.  We talked about his career, about his role as Chancellor of Durham University and about the new production of Così.  I’ve detailed some of the highlights below as well as embedding the full interview as a four part audio file at the end.

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