Cherry Blossom time

45506233_506870719821705_4017337474660433920_nSaw Opera Revue.

Castro’s Lounge. The beer was good.

They sang some haikus.


Mozart. Chaps (assless).

Too much Donizetti… Meh!

Dani Friesen… Yea!

…also Colin Frotten and Annie Ramos…

Seriously; interesting mix of music, humour, beer.  Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon.


Songbook IX

Jacquenline-Woodley-600x218The ninth edition of Tapestry’s celebration of their back catalogue happened last night in the Ernest Balmer Studio.  This year’s mentors are Jacqueline Woodley and Andrea Grant.  The emerging artists are Elisabeth Boudreault, Lindsay Connolly, Brianna DeSantis, Ryan Downey, Gabrielle French, Rebecca Gray, Lauren Halász, Rachel Krehm, Brittany Rae, Anne-Marie Ramos and Jennifer Routier with pianists Qiao Yi Miao Mu and Ryoko Hou.

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