Running a little late here

Back in January I saw Opera 5’s show Modern (Family) Opera at the Arts and Letters Club. I didn’t review it here because I was covering it for Opera Canada.  It seems that there was some breakdown in communication, probably the dodgy email connection at our temporary digs last winter, and it never made it to the mag and so wasn’t printed.  It’s a pity as it was a good show and so, belatedly, I’m sticking the review here, for the record, instead.

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Modern (Family) Opera

Opera 5’s new show at the Arts and letters Club pairs Wolf-Ferrari’s 1909 comedy Il segreto di Susanna with a new work , Storybook, by Darren Russo inspired by Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience.  I can’t do a full review as I’m writing it up for Opera Canada but I think I can fairly say that the Wolf-Ferrari is hilarious and the Russo weird, rather wonderful and quite disturbing.  It’s a show well worth seeing and you can catch it tonight or tomorrow at 7.30pm.  Here are some production photos by Emily Ding.   Continue reading

New shows from Opera 5 and Voicebox

logoTwo new shows have been announced for late January/early February.  First up is Opera 5 with a double bill at the Arts and Letters Club from January 23rd through 25th at 7.30pm.  This show will  feature the world premier of Montreal-based composer Darren Russo’s Storybook partnered with Emanuel Wolf-Ferrari’s Il segreto di Susanna.  Singers involved include Emma Parkinson, Leigh-Ann Allen, Christopher Mayell, Geoffrey Sirett, Geoffrey Penar, and Rachel Krehm. This performance will mark the second new opera commission by the company and their second performance collaboration with Toronto Pop Up Orchestra, who will accompany the show. Evan Mitchell will conduct.  Aria Umezawa will direct the Russo with the Wolf-Ferrari in the hands of Grace Smith.  In typical Opera 5 fashion custom cocktails will be available for purchase before the show and during the intermission.  Tickets are available online ($25.00 Early Bird – available until Jan 10th, $30.00 Students, $35.00 GA) or on the door ($30.00 Students/$35.00 GA).

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