More streams to watch out for

berg143And the Snow did Lie is a multimedia artwork to be appreciated by both the eyes and the ears, using ten images for string quartet based on André Bergeron’s lithographs for Germaine Guèvremont’s French-Canadian classic, Le Survenant.  The music is by Adirondack based Welsh composer Hilary Tann and it’s performed by the Sirius Quartet.  It plays tonight on Parma Records Livestage at 7pm EDT.

On May 6th from 5pm to 6pm EDT there’s an NAC sponsored livestream concert by husband and wife duo, Alexander Dobson; baritone, and Jimin Dobson on Baroque Violin, Modern Violin and Viola. This performance is presented through Dobshin Arts  and there are more details here.

Exultet Terra

exultetterraExultet Terra is a disc of choral works (mostly) by Welsh-American composer Hilary Tann.  The first half of the disc consists of shorter works for  a cappella female chamber choir bookended by two pieces by Hildegard of Bingen in the latter of which the ladies are joined by the men of the choir.  The second half of the disc consists of Exultet Terra; a five movement work for chamber choir, two bassoons, two oboes and cor Anglais.


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