Summer festival carpools/rideshare

nissan_leaf_red_greentravellertileSo I’m one of those people who doesn’t run a car.  I’m a bike, transit, Autoshare kind of guy.  This does sometimes present issues though when it comes to getting to places like Westben and the Stratford Festival.  I hadn’t thought about it much but yesterday I got an email from someone called Mike asking if I would be willing to post a request for a rideshare.  He’s specifically looking for a ride to Westben for the July 5th Dido and Aeneas.  Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind seeing that too!

So, I’m offering the comments to this post as a place to request or offer rides to Westben, Stratford etc.  I’m not offering to organise anything but I’m happy for people to use this mechanism if it helps.

‘Tis the season

Opera/concert season is pretty much done in the big smoke though there is the Toronto Summer Music Festival (see below).  Attention moves to various more rural venues and to some seriously eclectic programming.  Out in Northumberland County there’s the Westben Festival with concerts in a barn ranging fro Irish trad to Richard Margison.  The highlight, for me, here would be a recital by Suzy Leblanc and Julius Drake featuring French mélodies, Strauss lieder and English songs by Christos Hatzis.  That one is on July 30.  Westben also has the UBC Opera Ensemble doing Carmen and, for those so inclined, a programme of Broadway tunes from the ever reliable Virginia Hatfield, Brett Polegato and James Levesque.  No word on whether Brett’s cat is also performing.

Stratford Summer Music has three concerts by the Vienna Boys Choir, one including Michael Schade.  There is also the Bicycle Opera Project and a celebration of R. Murray Schafer’s 80th birthday.

Meanwhile, back in the smoke there is the Toronto Summer Music Festival which kicks off on July 16th with the Trio Pennetier Pasquier Pidoux in an all French programme.  The highlights for me are the Gryphon Trio with Bob Pomakov on the 18th and Philippe Sly with Julius Drake on the 23rd.