Summer festival carpools/rideshare

nissan_leaf_red_greentravellertileSo I’m one of those people who doesn’t run a car.  I’m a bike, transit, Autoshare kind of guy.  This does sometimes present issues though when it comes to getting to places like Westben and the Stratford Festival.  I hadn’t thought about it much but yesterday I got an email from someone called Mike asking if I would be willing to post a request for a rideshare.  He’s specifically looking for a ride to Westben for the July 5th Dido and Aeneas.  Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind seeing that too!

So, I’m offering the comments to this post as a place to request or offer rides to Westben, Stratford etc.  I’m not offering to organise anything but I’m happy for people to use this mechanism if it helps.

3 thoughts on “Summer festival carpools/rideshare

  1. I am someone named Mike, and am interested in making a road, carpool, and/or train trip to see WestBen’s Production of Dido and Aeneas on Saturday July 5 at 1pm in Campbellford (north of Brighton). Like OperaRambling’s host John, I prefer other forms of transport and look forward to a group of opera buffs traveling together. My initial idea is to take Via to Brighton Saturday morning, then rent a car there to Campbellford, and return that evening. If you are interested, or have other suggestions, post here.

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