Upcoming events for April/May

mdea-1038x576Perhaps the most exciting prospect is that from May 26th to 29th you can catch the world premiere of M’dea Undone, a collaboration between Tapestry and Scottish Opera, at the Evergreen Brickworks. The libretto is by Marjorie Chan with music by John Harris in this retelling of the classic story of love and betrayal in the context of today’s perpetual war against whatever.  Tim Albery directs with Jordan De Souza conducting.  The cast includes Lauren Segal, Peter Barrett, Jacquie Woodley and James McLean.

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A Walk on the Dark Side

Recitals at Rosedale opened the season yesterday afternoon with a program entitled A Walk on the Dark Side featuring Leslie Ann Bradley, Alysson McHardy and Geoff Sirett with Rachel Andrist and Robert Kortgaard at the piano.  It was an extremely well put together program with a range of pieces on the themes of myths, legends and fairy tales.

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The Seven Vices

amburThe last of this season’s Recitals at Rosedale was on the theme of the the Seven Deadly Sins.  It was an interesting and enjoyable afternoon, perhaps notable as much for what it had to say about the state of the industry as for the music making.  The format was four singers moving fairly rapidly between short (more the most part) songs linked by a one or two sentence chosen text.  The effect was to keep things moving along swiftly and even to generate a kind of narrative arc.  There was no time for applause between numbers for example.  It was a very different feel from the traditional art song recital where one or two singers sing sets of related songs.  It was also quite operatic.  All the singers chose to act physically and with the voice.  Again, a far cry from the art song tradition where a raised eyebrow is considered over acting.  Overall I thought it worked and in a city where the music commentariat has been lamenting the death of the art song recital for years somebody has to try something!

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Coming up in May

quichotte-thumbThings are starting to quieten down a bit on the Toronto vocal music/opera scene but there’s still a fair bit to seer in May.  Here are some of the highlights:

Friday, May 8 sees the opening of Massenet’s Don Quichotte at the COC.  It’s strongly cast with Ferruccio Furlanetto, Quinn Kelsey and Anita Rachvelishvili headlining.  There are seven performances between Friday and May 24.

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