Silent Tears CD release

I went to the Toronto release concert for Payadora Tango Ensemble’s Silent Tears: The Last Yiddish Tango last night at Heliconian Hall.  Nearly all the music played was on the CD which I described in some detail here. There were a few “extras”.  There was a song from Lenka Lichtenberg’s new Album Thieves of Dreams.  There was also an upbeat Argentinian tango to finish which I was rather in need of.

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Silent Tears

Silent Tears album coverSilent Tears: The Last Yiddish Tango is a CD of songs based on the recollections of Holocaust survivors.  Some of the songs deal with events during the Holocaust and others with the trauma of survivors.  There are two main sources for the lyrics.  One is the  Baycrest Holocaust Surviviors Poetry Project facilitated by Dr. Paula David.  The poems produced during that process were published in 1995 and adapted for this project.  Other songs are based on the writings of Holocaust survivor Molly Applebaum who escaped by being buried under a barn in a small wooden box.  The English texts have been adapted for this project by Dan Rosenberg and translated into Yiddish, others were originally written in Polish and remain in that tongue.

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