Silent Tears CD release

I went to the Toronto release concert for Payadora Tango Ensemble’s Silent Tears: The Last Yiddish Tango last night at Heliconian Hall.  Nearly all the music played was on the CD which I described in some detail here. There were a few “extras”.  There was a song from Lenka Lichtenberg’s new Album Thieves of Dreams.  There was also an upbeat Argentinian tango to finish which I was rather in need of.

payadoraIt’s different experiencing music like this live rather than as a recording.  It’s much more immediate. And when it’s music and words that are as disturbing as Silent Tears it makes for a difficult evening in many ways.  So full credit to all the musicians involved for a great performance and to Dan Rosenberg for thoughtful and informative intros.  There were also well done surtitles.  That really should be a standard these days.


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