UoT’s Imeneo

Imeneo is one of Handel’s less well known operas; perhaps deservedly so.  The plot and the libretto are weak and the music pretty variable.  Charles Jennens, the librettist for Messiah, descibed it as “the worst of all Handel’s compositions”.  It does have the merit of being short.  Most recent recordings come in around two hours and this UoT Opera production, rearranged and cut by Tim Albery, comes in at 100 minutes spread over two acts.


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Next week

muehleIt looks like another fairly quiet week ahead.  Just a couple of listings.  Tomorrow at 7.30pm, at Walter Hall, Benjamin Butterfield and Steven Philcox are performing Schubert’s Die Schöne Müllerin.  Tickets here.  Then on Thursday, March 3rd there’s a panel discussion on a variety of opera topics featuring the MYO creative team moderated by Greg Finney. It’s at the Spoke Club at 7pm.  Details are here.