Isis and Osiris – Gods of Egypt

I caught the second and final performance of Isis and Osiris – Gods of Egypt presented by Voicebox:Opera in Concert yesterday.  It’s a new piece with a libretto by Sharon Singer and music by Peter-Anthony Togni.  It tells the story of mythical ancient Egypt under the rule of sibling consorts Isis and Osiris and there struggle with their brother Seth who embodies violence and chaos.  In the process Seth disposes of Osiris in fourteen pieces but Isis manages to gather up all save the phallus.  A golden replacement is made, Osiris is revived and the cosmic order restored.  It’s quite a promising premise but it never really comes off.


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Voicebox:Opera in Concert announces 2015/16 season

Isis and Osiris JPGVoicebox:Opera in Concert closed out their 2014/15 season yesterday afternoon with Charpentier’s Louise (review to come in Opera Canada).  Thay also announced their plans for next season.  There will be, again, three productions.  The first two will be single performances, on November 22nd 2015 and February 7th 2016 of Borodin’s Prince Igor (presumably heavily cut) and Salieri’s Falstaff.  The third will be the premiere of Peter Anthony Togni’s and Sharon Singer’s Isis and Osiris which will run from March 29th to April 3rd 2016.  All performances are at the Jane Mallett Theatre.  The first two works will presumably be performed in Voicebox’s “minimally staged” style.  No word yet on staging or musical accompaniment for Isis and Osiris.

Voicebox: Opera in Concert 2014/15 season

Isis and OsirisAccording to Schmopera, the line up for 2014/15 for the Voicebox: Opera in Concert season at the Jane Mallett Theatre will be Manuel de Falla’s La Vida Breve, Weill’s Street Scene, Charpentier’s Louise and the premier of Isis and Osiris by composer Peter-Anthony Togni with a libretto by Sharon Singer, both Canadians.  The only one of these I’m at all familiar with is La Vida Breve, which is rather good (DVD review).  However there’s plenty of information on Isis and Osiris available here and here.  The latter link includes almost 18 minutes of music from the piece.

All in all, as one has come to expect from Voicebox, an interesting line up.  More details here as they become available.