Cock up your beaver

There was something about Collectìf’s cabaret show, Do Over, last night that reminded me of a folk club in the 70s or 80s (as in when I was their age!).  It was in a pub.  The room was full of young(ish) people.  It was loud.  It was irreverent.  And people were having fun.  Shocking!  An opera related event that was irreverent and fun.  No solemn “palaces of culture” here.  No AMOP style “in my day” grumbling.  Just three rather good singers, a pianist and a thoroughly eclectic, not to say at times filthy (there were more double entendres than an eight hour episode of The Two Ronnies), selection of music drawn from four and a half centuries.  The AMOP crowd should probably prohibit their daughters and servants from seeing this show.

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First we take Manhattan

Irving-BerlinYesterday the Talisker Players ventured into new territory for them with a program of Irving Berlin songs entitled Puttin’ on the Ritz.  I’m no expert on Broadway in general or Tin Pan Alley in particular but, I suppose like most people, I’ve been exposed to a lot of this music through TV and films.  The Talisker presentation was interesting and unusual in that they employed a string quartet and two classically trained singers rather than a dance band or a pianist and voices from a different tradition.

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