Finally, some common sense at the Met

pawSome of that not so common quantity; common sense, seems to have emerged in the negotiating process at the Metropolitan Opera.  Following mediation, management and local 802 have agreed to retain an independent financial analyst and have agreed that work will continue while that person does his work and during the negotiations that will follow.  So, no lockout for now.  Full text of local 802’s press release under the cut.

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The state of the Met

This is the first time I’ve posted about the current labour negotiations at the metropolitan Opera though I’ve been following the story closely.  I have rather a lot of experience of contract and grievance negotiations and I think I can spot bad faith bargaining at some distance.  Good faith bargaining typically occurs when both sides want to reach a settlement.  The opposite when one side is more interested in ramming home some “point of principle”.  This last was often a starting point on the union side in the bad old days ,especially in the UK and Australia but has become much less common.  Nowadays bad faith is much more likely to come from the employer’s side, usually when they are bent on some principle like the “right” to hire and fire at will.

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