It seems like Ontario is changing its policy on what’s open and what’s not and who gets vaccinated and who doesn’t about three times/week right now and, among other things, it’s playing havoc with the creation of on-line content.


Tapestry has announced that A Joke Before the Gallows is postponed sine die but that there will be another Episode of SOS: Sketch Opera Singers airing on May 6th.  The GGS is going ahead with its spring opera; The Rape of Lucretia, in concert format (i.e. each singer comes packaged in a recyclable plastic container).  That’s April 29th at 7.30 pm.  AFAIK Confluence and UoT Opera are going ahead with their shows next week but it’s definitely worth checking nearer the date.


And in the second COC Perryn Leach update he appeared to promise that there would be something live; one way or another at the FSC in the fall.  That was before the latest schmozzle though so, again, we’ll see.

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