Around the tubes

Once more the week’s Youtube offerings show that digital works best when it’s “made for digital”.  Who’d a thunk it eh!  Anyway there’s very watchable new content on Youtube from Alexander Hajek, Opera Revue and Domoney Artists.  Best of all though is a new short film called Sempra Libera from Carsen Gilmore and the very good soprano Michelle Drever.  If you like the look and feel of Morte you’ll love this.  It’s really dark.  It’s the grimmest take on Violetta I’ve seen; Natalie Dessay included!


Also, yesterday afternoon there was a broadcast of the latest from UoT Music’s Opera Composer Collective.  It’s a made for Zoom piece called Escape Room to a libretto by Michael Patrick Albano.  It’s filmed to look like the Zoom meeting from Hell I.e low res and flickery) which was OK but made the subtitles hard to read.  It’s not MPA’s best libretto in my opinion but the music is interesting and there were some neat performances including fun cameos from Renee Fajardo as Imelda Marcos and Nicholas Higgs as Doug Ford (more moron than boson).  All the cast details etc can be found at  At this point I have no idea if this is going to be made available on demand but if it is it will likely be free.

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