GGS Vocal Showcase in Mazzoleni Hall

It’s that mid point of the academic year when the GGS puts on a recital programme that features a fairly full selection of the available singing talent at the Conservatory.  This means one sees everything from first year undergrads to singers in the final stages of a master’s degree, who may already be singing professionally, so it’s a constant exercise in recalibration.  It wasn’t helped last night by the fact that I had serious TTC problems causing me to miss the first three numbers on the programme plus feeling a bit frazzled for the rest.  So, in no particular order, I’m going to write about what I particularly enjoyed.  Omission should not be over-interpreted.

No surprise that the best singing came from the most experienced singers.  Once again Jonelle Sills with Le spectre de la rose from Berlioz Les nuits d’été was able to show off her largish, rather beautiful voice while Lynn Isnar sparkled in Mein Herr Marquis from Die Fledermaus.  Unsurprisingly these two will take Rosalinde and Adele in the upcoming production of Fledermaus.  I was equally impressed by a new arrival; Kateryna Khartova who gave us a very idiomatic Snow Maiden’s aria from the Rimsky-Korsakoff piece.

Among the undergrads Mélissa Danis and Militza Boljević blended nicely in Ah, perdona.  Danis also teamed up with Noah Grove for a fun De ci de là from Messager’s Véronique.  Katelyn Bird and Gabriel Sanchez-Ortega extraccted some real comedy from Signorina, in tanta fretta from Don Pasquale.  The latter is a genuine bass with some real heft and bears watching.  The two first years on display; tenor Stefan Vidovic and baritone Adam Hu gave us an interesting arrangement of Vaughan Williams’ It was a Lover and his Lass. Hu has quite a hefty voice for a young man and it’s easy to listen to.  One to watch I think.

Piano duties were shared with their usual skill by Jenn Tung, Rachel Andrist and Peter Tiefenbach.

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