Streaming round up

hanniganyoukaliHere’s a quick list of new (relatively) and upcoming web content (the obvious Youtube channel unless otherwise specified):

  • Massey College have a “Music Salon” up.  It features Ian Cusson and Rebecca Cuddy with Métis musicologistRena Roussin discussing the role of Indigenous art music in the Canadian music scene with a particular focus on the Métis.  In between the talking head sequences there’s the performance of Ian’s Five Songs to Poems by Marilyn Dumont that was webbed by Soundstreams a little while back.  If you are the one reader of this blog who has not yielded to my encouragement to explore these songs please get on with it!
  • Barbara Hannigan has a music video of Weill’s Youkali with theLudwig orchestra. (Alpha Classics channel).  Cool footage of Finisterre which might not exactly evoke Youkali but it’s pretty much my land of dreams.

  • Similarly geographically inappropriate, Domoney Artists have a video of “Au Fond du Temple Saint” from Les Pécheurs de Perles with Dion Mazerolle and Ernesto Ramirez (and an enigmatic, lurking Cait Wood).  The mystic east is evoked by a snowy Toronto and a giant red canoe.
  • On the Yiddish Glory channel there’s Silent Tears: The Last Yiddish Tango.  These are klezmer settings of poems written by Holocaust survivors at Toronto’s Baycrest Centre.  The music features Aviva Chernick and a small ensemble.  The music is moving but there’s a lot of talking heads.

Coming Up:

  • Tonight (Feb 4) Confluence have a concert of the Music of Nina Simone.
  • The GGS Vocal Showcase will be streamed free on Feb 12 via
  • On Feb 11 and 12 there’s an on-line symposium Grappling with Madama Butterfly: Representation, Reclamation, Reimagination hosted by Confluence Concerts.  It’s free but registration is required.  Full details and registration link are here.
  • The COC also have a couple of free on-line shows coming up.  On Feb 26 there’s a recital by Jane Archibald and then on April 30 there’s an Atom Egoyan film of Bartok’s Duke Bluebeard’s Castle with Krisztina Szabó and Kyle Ketelsen.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this were to be the last on-line round up?

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