I only have two confirmed events for May.  On Thursday 6th there is Tapestry’s Sketch Opera Singers 2.  SOS1 was a hoot and the brief excerpt for the upcoming show on Tapestry’s Youtube channel suggests the new one will be fun too.  If you haven’t seen it check it out.  It’s the famous ABBA-nera by Sven Bizet.  Like all Tapestry’s streams SOS2 will be free on Youtube.


On the 27th Opera Atelier will premier a film of Handel’s Resurrection shot in St. Lawrence Hall with the music recorded at Koerner.  It’s a full scale deal with a cast including Carla Huhtahnen, Alysson McHardy and Colin Ainsworth plus Tafelmusik and the Atelier Ballet.  There’s more information and a ticket purchase ($25) link here.

I suppose there is also a chance that Confluence’s The Butterfly Project will appear some time in May but nothing has been confirmed at this point.

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