Up and tubing

This will be a bit of an “odds and sods” round up.  First off, check out Natalya Gennadi and Catherine Carew’s latest offering on Natalya’s Youtube channel.  The music is very good but the animated effects are amazing.  Over at Against the Grain you can see Joel Ivany interviewing HE Adrienne Clarkson who is always interesting to talk to.


Coming up on Saturday (27th) at 8pm, Tapestry are presenting a short (eight minutes) programme featuring Morgan-Piage Melbourne who plays the Bösendorfer, performs her own compositions with spoken word, and songs too. She’s joined by Natasha Poon Woo, a contemporary dancer from Rock Bottom Movement.

Looking further out to April, on the 21st at 6pm Confluence Concerts and Patricia O’Callaghan are presenting Gracias a la vida; a tribute to Argentinian composers Mercedes Sosa and Astor Piazzoli.  Then from the 22nd to the 25th UoT Opera is presenting a festival of one act operas and on the 24th at 8pm it’s Tapestry again with a A Joke Before the Gallows; a mash up of Chopin played by Adam Sherkin and monologues written by David James Brock.  The show is directed by Tom Diamond.

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