Lunchtime recital at the Four Seasons Centre

I went to a free recital at the Four Seasons Centre earlier today. The Studio Ensemble cast(*) for the new Magic Flute were performing excerpts. It was really very good. I’ve seen some of the singers before and it pretty much confirmed what I thought the first time. I really think we will see a lot of Wallis Giunta, Ileana Montalbetti and Ambur Braid in the next few years. Adrian Kramer and Christopher Enns look to have bright futures too. The rest of the cast were solid enough they just didn’t grab me quite the same way.

* The Ensemble Studio is Canadian Opera’s training program for young professional singers. Once a year they get to put on a fully staged performance of one of the COC season productions. They are doing Magic Flute at the FSC on February 17th. Tickets are $55 and $22 (ring 5 only). If anyone is planning to buy tickets for the regular performances I’ve got a 15% off discount code you can use.

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