What a Ruckus

Ruckus at the Revival from Opera Revue lived up to the billing.  It was informal, it was fun, there was booze and the average age of the audience was about COC-30.  The usual suspects were joined by Liliane Brooks, Ryan Downey and Dylan Wright (looking FABULOUS darlings) and some dude called Mike with an electric guitar.  Plus your favourite Warner Bros characters.ruckus4

There was some fairly serious and very well sung opera.  Things kicked off, appropriately enough, with the “Brindisi” from La Traviata plus some PucciniThere was “Here I stand” from Rake’s Progress from Ryan and Mozart on the Toronto housing market with the well known duet “Fu fu, fu fu fu”  That was Danie and Alex.  All it needed was a line about moving to Hamilton.  There was a cracking “Habañera” from Liliane in torn jeans and T-shirt.  And then Danie and Mike produced some country and wailing music complete with cowboy boots and hat and the remarkably tall Mr.Wright paid homage to the court of Louis something or other in a manner not yet seen at Opera Atelier.


There was lots more of course including the quartet from Rigoletto with sumptuous tenoring from Ryan, a dead sexy Maddalena from Liliane and a suitably lugubrious jester from Alex.  And, of course, there was some Weill.  And throughout the mayhem Ms. Harris provided keyboard accompaniment with her habitual imperturbability.


I’ve skipped over a lot; not least because some things really can’t be described! Lets just say there was loads of irreverent fun, more space than the usual bar venue and guest singers.  What’s not to like?  If you haven’t tried out Opera Revue you should.


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