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sitrIt’s been a bit quiet lately but there a couple of live shows and a video that you might want to check out.  None of them are opera really but whatever.  Shakespeare in the Ruff are doing something different this year.  They have a one hour show called Towards Rebirth which explores the themes of Rupture, Resilience, and Rebirth.  It was created in workshop by the actors and so it’s maybe not the most polished theatre you will ever see but it’s quite moving and sometimes very funny.  There are six more shows in Withrow Park at 3pm and 6.30pm Friday through Sunday.  It’s ticketed and PWYC.  Details here.

Jamii Esplanade is partnering with Théâtre Français de Toronto to present La bulle.  It’s a one person show (plus a tent) that wordlessly explores the idea of loneliness.  To quote the blurb, Pierrot and his tent are “Confined together, they live in transparent symbiosis. In this theatrical setting, there is nowhere to hide — an absurd situation”.  This plays August 31st to September 5th at Berkeley Castle courtyard at 8pm.  It’s free but ticketed.  Tickets can be obtained here.

And finally, something on the Tubes.  One of the funniest pieces yet from Opera Revue.  One Dose More is a punchy and funny piece of pro-Vax opropaganda; way more fun than a pre-recorded phone call from John Tory and much less pathetic than the Village Idiot in Chief mouthing off too little and too late.

2 thoughts on “Recent and upcoming

  1. Hi – Every year I look forward to your reviews of the upcoming Met in HD season of 10 shows. Tickets go on sale to the public September 8th. I’m hoping you offer your insightful reviews before then.

    Your best guess as to when that will be published??????

    Thanks, and have a good week.

    Steve Feiertag


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