Mandala – the Beauty of Impermanence is the latest on-line offering from Confluence Concerts.  It’s curated by Suba Sankaran and should have seen the light as a live show last May.  The programme is as eclectic as one has come to expect from Confluence and lots of fun.  In the spirit of impermanence it will be available on the Confluence channel on Youtube only until February 10th.

confluence_mandalaI’m going to link to the show programme to avoid being pointlessly wordy and just focus on, what to me, were the highlights.  The initial Rig Veda/Hidegard set was spectacularly beautiful with lovely singing from Suba, Ed Hanley playing a water bowl and strings from Messrs Beckwith, Sepanji and Downey.  The Bird of Zephyr set that followed was equally lovely.  We got Sufi poetry mixed with finger painting and later on some Sufi “whirling”.  Schubert’s Gretchen am Spinnrade was nicely sung by Marion Newman but seemed like a bit of a “force fit” of more obviously classical rep.  Not sure I really got the Mandala connection.

There was Steve Reich clapping music, some fantastic south Indian drumming from Suba’s dad and even some Sting and Joni Mitchell and more besides but for me best of all was the Purcell catch If All Be True.  It’s a pretty straightforward four part drinking song but the wonder was to make it work on Zoom.  Somebody has clearly found the way to appease the latency gods.  If anybody sees Ed Hanley or Dylan Bell with a black cock at midnight please let me know.  Actually the whole show is of very high audio-visual quality.  No compromises at all really.

The show, including the intro and a short manadala workshop is just over an hour long and available here.

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