COC announces virtual fall season

virtualThe COC has announced a virtual (almost) fall season.  It’s mainly community outreach with an emphasis on young people which is entirely consistent with conversations I’ve had with the COC (and indeed other companies).

  • In November there will be a three day festival of concerts from the Richard Bradshaw amphitheatre backed up by interviews etc.
  • There’s a new bi-weekly podcast series hosted by Robyn Grant-Moran (a member of the COC’s Indigenous Circle of Artists) alongside COC Director/Dramaturg-in-Residence Julie McIsaac.
  • In October there will be a panel discussion that explores the relationship between psychology, physiology, and musical experience.  This wlll feature music therapist Dr. SarahRose Black and COC Music Director Johannes Debus.
  • Beginning November there will be a series of conversations and short demonstrations featuring Johannes Debus with various members of the COC orchestra.
  • There’s a new partnership with Sistema Toronto which seems to me an excellent way to reach out to that part of our community that’s really not at all connected to opera.
  • There will be a series of activities (mostly focussed on young people it appears) during Culture Days (September 25th – October 25th).
  • From September 25th to 27th Songs of Hope: From Our Homes to Yours; previously broadcast in July, will be available to watch again.
  • Finally, there’s a partnership with the AGO who will host COC artists for a series that celebrates the connection between the visual and musical arts.  That will be on select Fridays in January 2021, from 2-4 p.m,

More details as available…


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