More on line stuff

The COC is posting complete performance videos from the archive here.   These are “technical” videos designed to inform a future revival rather than material intended for broadcast.  They feature a single camera angle (full stage) and the video quality is so-so but it’s quite interesting.  There will be one available at a time and the current one is Strauss’ Arabella from a couple of seasons ago.


AtG is bringing back Opera Pub in a virtual format.  June 4th at 8pm will see performances on Facebook Live by David Eliakis, Phillip Addis and Emily Hamper.  It may not be live but you are guaranteed a seat and the beer is probably better than at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club.

Materials are now available for the COC’s Virtual Choir performance of The Anvil Chorus from Il Trovatore.  The idea is you learn your part, record i, send it to the COC and they mix it all.  Everything you need or need to know is here.

June 9th at 4pm the Royal Conservatory is announcing its 2020/21 season with performances and a Q&A with Mervyn Mehta.  That will be live on the Koerner Hall Facebook page.

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