Poisson d’avril

osolemeowAs we approach All Fools Day the calendar starts to get busier.  On Tuesday 29th March there’s a concert at lunchtime in the RBA called The Four Tenors.  In this case it’s Andrew Haji (lucky St. Louis folks can see him as Rodolfo next season), Jean-Philippe Fortier-Lazure, Charles Sy, and Aaron Sheppard.  The program is a bit predictable and, yes, there are Neapolitan songs, though not, at least according to the on-line version O sole mio.  Also no Nessun dorma so I think we have a handle on the possible encores.

Then it’s on to April 1st itself and here the gods are laughing.  At 5pm, at the McMillan Theatre, UoT Opera are doing the The Art of the Prima Donna; a selection of staged and costumed scenes from classic operas.  Parts of this were performed in the RBA in October last year.  Then at 8pm at the Arts and Letters Club, Bicycle Opera Project and the Toy Piano Composers’ Collective have a show called Travelogue featuring short operas about travel.  This one is repeated on the 2nd.  Finally, Voicebox:Opera in Concert are premiering Isis and Osiris by Peter Anthony Togni and Sharon Singer.  This one is at 8pm at the Jane Mallett Theatre and it’s sponsored by the Egyptian Tourist Authority who can probably use all the help they can get right now (and no jokes about pyramid marketing schemes please).  This one is repeated at 2.30pm on Sunday 3rd April.

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