First week of February

There are a number of interesting concerts and performances this week.  Tuesday sees the graduate students of the UoT Opera Division in cabaret at the Tranzac Club.  It’s at 7.30pm and it’s free.  The beer at the Tranzac is better than it used to be so should be a decent night out and if you don’t like it the NAGS are performing in the other room, alas without Neil Sorbie.  Earlier in the day there’s a noon hour concert in the RBA featuring Bob Pomakov and the Gryphon Trio (also free).  The program features works by Mozart and Heather Schmidt.

Thursday night sees the opening of the COC’s Marriage of Figaro at the Four Season’s Centre.  It’s the Claus Guth production that first saw the light at Salzburg in 2006.  It’s a thoughtful, questioning Figaro rather than a romp and it will be interesting to see how it’s received.  Siegfried continues with performances on Tuesday and Friday.

Thursday and Friday at 8pm at the Ernest Balmer Studio one can catch Tapestry Songbook VI.  This concert of excerpts from previous Tapestry shows features a welcome return to Toronto for Wallis Giunta as well as Jordan de Souza and a roster of emerging artists.


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