Moving into February

footstepsIt’s getting pretty busy in Toronto.  Here are a few upcoming things of interest that I haven’t already mentioned.

This year, the Faculty of Music’s annual student composer project is a co-production with Campbell House Museum, the 19th century home of Sir William Campbell, Chief Justice of Upper Canada. Footsteps in Campbell House is a series of pieces by student composers to words by Michael Albano.  The audience moves around the house exploring the lives of those who livedd there.  There are five performances on January 30th and 31st and February 1st.  Each performance is limited to 35 people.  Tickets are $20 and available here.  I’m really intrigued by this but there’s no way I can go.  

Jane-biographyThe first half of February also sees three excellent freebies at the Four Seasons Centre.  On February 3rd at noon, two sopranos of the COC Ensemble Studio, Aviva Fortunata and Karine Boucher, present Poèmes pour Mi, the first of Messiaen’s three song cycles, a heartfelt and deeply moving expression of love for his wife, violinist Claire Delbois, nicknamed “Mi”. The cycle is complemented by the Theme and Variations for violin and piano, the composer’s wedding present to his wife, who also gave the work its public premiere in 1932.  Then on the 9th at 5.30pm the members of the COC Ensemble Studio will compete in the 6th edition of the Christina and Louis Quilico Awards, which will be presented at the end of the evening. Each singer will perform an aria of his or her own choosing and a second aria will be selected by the panel of judges.  This is always good value.  Finally, the following day, the 10th, at noon, the wonderful Jane Archibald teams up with Liz Upchurch for a program called Songs of Love and Longing.

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