Heading into winter

The leaves have turned and the Canadian Opera Company Season is underway so winter can’t be far away.  I’ve now seen both the COC fall productions so I need to find alternative fare between now and February when things kick off again.  So far I’ve found two live shows of interest in town.  At the end of October Opera Atelier is putting on Weber’s Der Freischütz.  This is a departure for OA who have previously (bar once) not put on anything later than Mozart and that in a rather idiosyncratic style.  I think it’s an interesting move and I hope it stimulates the creative juices at OA and sparks some of the innovation that made OA such an exciting company ten or twenty years ago.  If it turns into an exercise in persuading us that 19th century Romanticism is really just an extension of the Baroque I shall probably be feeling like the guy in the picture.  The other live show is Essential Opera’s The Threepenny Opera being presented in concert at Heliconian Hall on November 7th.  Essential Opera I suppose is a semi-pro outfit operating on very small budgets and The Threepenny Opera seems like a good fit.  I felt that last year’s attempt at something grander was rather a case of biting off more than they could chew. 

Beyond that I seem to be reduced to MetHD broadcasts.  I have tickets for six more of those before the end of January.  The only one I’m really enthusiastic about is Thomas Adès’ The Tempest but there should be some decent entertainment in the others.  Fortunately Presto and Arkiv have been running some rather impressive sales so there will be plenty on the DVD/Blu-ray front to keep me going.

4 thoughts on “Heading into winter

  1. Love Der Freischutz – and never saw it live. Unfortunately, it is much less frequently staged than I would like it to be. Looking forward to your review!

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