MFDECatching up here on the news from Soundstreams.

On April 3rd at 6.30pm at Osgoode Hall there’s a “Musical Moot”.  It’s a fundraiser and preview for the Seven Deadly Sins show upcoming (see below).  It features singer/sinners Chloe Charles and Aviva Chernick, Cynthia Dale and Eric Petersen from CBC’s Street Legal plus former mayor (and one time rugby player) David Miller.  Is this even legal?

The Seven Deadly Sins show itself runs April 9th to 11th at the Great Hall and features a new work for each sin in a variety of vocal performing styles; classical, jazz, singer/songwriter and so on.

Soundstreams also announced their 2019/20 season recently.  There’s the usual eclectic mix of styles with an intriguing theme of ritual and memory running through it.  They are at the root of three programs exploring universal themes: Two Odysseys, Claude Vivier’s Musik für das Ende and the now almost traditional Electric Messiah.

Two Odysseys; Pimooteewin / Gállábártnit re-imagines ancient Indigenous legends. Sung and narrated in Cree and Sami, and rooted in those traditional legends from Canada and the Nordic countries, this music theatre double-bill is directed by Michael Greyeyes.  This one runs November 13th to 16th at the Daniels Spectrum.

The Vivier show is a remount of the 2017 staged premiere, which was something of a sensation and which I regret seeing only once.  I’ll be back this time.  May 6th to 9th 2020 at Buddies in Bad Times.

I’m curious as to where Electric Messiah will go this time.  In a discussion I had with Adam Scime after last year’s iteration we did talk about whether incremental adaptation of the original version had gone as far as it could and whether a more radical rethink might be in order.  This runs December 10th to 12th at the Drake Underground (go early and check out their cocktails).

Another show I’m intrigued by is Nicole Lizée’s The Lost Karaoke Tapes.  Featuring Nicole and the Australian Art Orchestra; The Lost Karaoke Tapes is based on tapes she found in a dumpster. This is a celebration of glitch, analogue, grooves, psychedelia, and the beauty of malfunction.  This one is at The Great Hall on January 30th 2020.

And there’s plenty more.  All the details and ticket information is here.

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