Looking ahead to May

marion nSo it looks like January is finally over and that means we can look ahead to next month.  Things are definitely winding down.  There’s the last Opera Pub of the season on the 3rd at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club.  The Vancouver Symphony is appearing with Bramwell Tovey at Roy Thomson Hall on the 26th with the highlight being Marion Newman singing Ancestral Voices; a piece Tovey wrote for her.  Also that evening the Canadian Children’s Opera opens a two performance run of Alice Ping Yee Ho’s new piece The Monkiest King. That’s at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

In lunchtime gig news there are a few things of interest at the RBA.  May 1st sees Sondra Radvanovsky in a bel canto program.  Danika Lorèn and Bruno Roy have a Les Adieux concert on the 3rd featuring works by Ravel and Strauss.  And, finally, on the 22nd Keri Alkema is appearing.

Finally, the Montreal International Music Competition opens on May 28th and runs for the following two weeks.  I’ll be up there live blogging the song and aria competitions.

On a slightly off the wall note, if next weekend you aren’t in Toronto trying to cram about six possible gigs into three nights  there’s an interesting show in Boston on April 27th and 28th.  It features classical/romantic period performance group Grand Harmonie in On Behalf of a Madman; a new pastiche opera combining arias from Mozart, Haydn, Donizetti and Rossini, arranged for a period wind band. The plot takes you into the Oval Office, tracing the thread of truth and fake news throughout a fictitious, yet somehow familiar, presidential administration.  Here’s the video preview:

1 thought on “Looking ahead to May

  1. Wondering if you had Continuum’s first opera, Hockey Noir the Opera on your radar. It’s composed by Andre Ristic with Marie Josee Chartier directing and a team from Montreal singing. (don’t know the singers)

    May 10,11 at Jane Mallett

    Same nights as our Songbook, so I’m not sure if I can make it, but I would really like to.

    Nice to see you last night.



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