COC 2018/19

So it looks like there is not going to be a glitzy season announcement this year but an announcement is, apparently, imminent.  So here, as has become tradition are my prognostications based on even fewer hard facts than usual.


Rufus Wainwright – Hadrian – expect this to open the season.  Close to 100% on this one.

Tchaikovsky – Eugene Onegin – The Carsen production which the COC now owns.  They have to do this sooner or later and why not tap that Russian market.  90%?

Puccini – La Bohème – revival of the 2013/14 production.  Tosca, Butterfly, La Bohème every five years with more predictability than the TTC.  85%?

There are productions of Berg’s Wozzeck and Strauss’ Elektra in the COC copro backlog.  I expect one of them but surely not both.

What takes the Mozart, Gluck, Handel slot?  I don’t know but I’d guess a revival of the Così from 2013/14.  Please let it not be the dreary Idomeneo from 2009/10.  Outside chance of a revival of one of the Carsen Gluck’s but surely not if they do the Onegin.

The sixth slot?  I really don’t know.  There’s a Rusalka floating out there somewhere but I can’t see them doing two Slav operas in one season.  I’d expect something 19th century and Italian and popular and a revival.  Lucia?  Trovatore?  I hope it’s not the latter.  The Lucia wasn’t thrilling but the Trovatore was just awful.

We’ll know soon enough.

7 thoughts on “COC 2018/19

  1. They’re due to do the Bieito La Forza and that ole Parsifal, so I’m betting on one of them, maybe both. Onegin for sure for sure, since Varduhi is coming back next winter for it. Hadrian, Onegin, a Verdi (if not Forza, whaddup with Otello? when was it last performed?), I’m guessing Elektra due to their own marketing photo clues. That leaves the best-sellers and Mozart/baroque/etc, and there I’m clueless. Hoping not the Egoyan Cosi, which I feel I watched only yesterday, and the thing was endless.

    There’s another Saariaho coming up, Only the Sound Remains, but I don’t think it’ll be this season.

    • I’m told that the Bieito is in 2019/20 and Parsifal is 2020 and not part of “the season”. It will be either after the end of the 2019/20 season or before the opening of 2020/21. Otello was last done in 2009/10 and is a definite possibility. Fidelio; last done in 2008/9, might be an option too but I doubt it. Any idea why they are not even doing a press conference, let alone a glitzy announcement?

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