Fashion first at the COC


Intellectual and Germanic

Observers of the Toronto opera scene will have noted the creeping influence of facial hair in the industry locally.  Perhaps it didn’t start with COC General Director Alexander Neef’s intellectually Germanic goatee but who could deny that it had a profound impact.  Earlier this week the four tenors of the Ensemble Studio appeared together sporting face rugs in varying stages of development and the scene is replete with other notable beardies.  Geoff Sirett, Robert Gleadow, Greg Finney and Alexander Dobson come to mind.  It’s almost compulsory, it seems, for baritones.  


Vestigial to Flamboyant



Well Operaramblings has learned that it may soon be compulsory for more than baritones.  It is being said on the, usually reliable, grapevine that facial hair may soon be mandatory for all COC employees and artists.  Some credence was given to this rumour when I ran into Free Concerts Program Manager Claire Morley earlier in the week.  Ever fashion forward, Claire has become one of the first of the ladies of the COC to experiment with the new look.


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