Program for Dmitri Hvorostovsky recital

Dmitri-Hvorostovsky-014_0The program for Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s February 21 recital at Koerner Hall has been released.  It is:




To Molly (Do not demand songs from a singer), (text: Kukolnik)
It’s Pleasant to Be with You (text: N.Ryndin)
Say Not That It Grieves the Heart (text: N. Pavlov)
Doubt (text: Kukolnik)
Bolero (text: Kukolnik)

On the Hills of Georgia (text: A. Pushkin)
Oh, If Only You Could  (text: A. Tolstoy)
The wooing of the waters (text: A. Tolstoy)
Not the wind which, blowing from the heights  (text: A. Tolstoy)
What does my name mean to you? (text: A. Pushkin)
The lark sings louder (text: A. Tolstoy)

I Bless You, Forests (text: A. Tolstoy)
The Nightingale (text: A. Pushkin)
Amid the Din of the Ball (text: A. Tolstoy)
The First Date  (text: K. Romanov)

Richard Strauss:
Allerseelen (text: Hermann von Gilm zu Rosenegg )
Heimliche Aufforderung (text: John Henry Mackay)
Du meines Herzens Krönelein (text: Julius Sophus Felix Dahn)
Befreit (text: Richard Fedor Leopold Dehmel)
Zueignung (text: Hermann von Gilm zu Rosenegg)
Morgen (text: John Henry Mackay)
Cäcilie (text: Heinrich Hart)

I like it.  Interesting Russian stuff plus some of my favourite Strauss.  Let’s hope his health holds up.  Apparently this one is sold out but you might check about rushes with the Koerner box office.

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