Another occupant for that little red dress

el-khouryCanadian soprano Joyce El-Khoury will make her company debut as Violetta at De Nederlandse Opera tonight, replacing Marina Poplavskaya.  It’s that Willy Decker production that’s been seen everywhere.  Might be worth a look for anyone planning to be in Toronto in the fall as Joyce will sing both Mimi and Musetta in the upcoming La Bohème at COC (though not in the same performances, she’s leaving that to Placido Domingo).

You can get a preview of her performance here.

ETA: May 10 – Apparently Joyce will now sing the whole run at DNO.

7 thoughts on “Another occupant for that little red dress

  1. Since you mentioned Domingo I was thinking that by the time he is 80 he will be working on bass roles and that he could sing both Boris and Pimen in the same performance since they do not appear together. Tenor minus high notes does not equal baritone.

  2. “Joyce will sing both Mimi and Musetta in the upcoming La Bohème”

    I AM glad you clarified that, since my first thought was “isn’t that physically impossible?”
    I think I need to get away from Slipped Disc and spend more time in the safety of the friendly blogs with a sense of humour! (note the honorary Canadian spelling, eh?)


  3. HA! I’m waiting for a show in which Domingo conducts, sings Rigoletto, *and* the Duke and heck, why, not – that shady lady’s maid Giovanna as well. I’m sure he could do it!
    Great though to see this talented young singer getting a big break – she sounds and looks great in the video. Feels like I’ll be needing to see/hear her in both Boheme roles this fall.

      • Hmm, yes, apparently so. Wondering what’s really at the bottom of all that (Met Ring cancellation that is…) The mind boggles at Domingo as the Forest Bird!

      • Note the way he does not so much fly as plummet…

        Looks like a serious falling out between Gelb and Lepage. Lepage was supposed to direct Messiaen’s St. Francois but that’s been cancelled too.

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