5 thoughts on “We’ve already got one you see

  1. Good stuff (and great headline.) I do wish the Met would distinguish between new and “new” productions in their lists, but that’s a tangential grumble.

    • I suppose one might make a distinction between “absolutely new” and “new to this house” but honestly I don’t care much. I hear a fair amount of grumbling from the usual quarters about how many productions at the COC have been seen elsewhere. I think it’s misguided. I would much rather have copros or proven successes from elsewhere that we haven’t seen than keep dragging stuff out of storage, which is the realistic alternative. I’m glad productions no longer stay in the repertoire for 25, 50, 75 years.

      • Oh, I don’t mean at all to decry the practice of co-production… just what I perceive as a somewhat disingenuous way of promoting them at the Met (where I think I’ve seen three productions to date which are older than I am; next year’s Francesca will bring the total to four.)

  2. Parsifal is one of next season’s productions I am most excited for. I had not noticed the tiny print co-production note in the brochure, it is good to know.

    I can’t say it changes much for me but I agree that they could be more forthright about it.

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