Another March gig

amplifiedAmplified Opera are back with a line up of three “mini-gigs”. These are combined in a series of three double bills running March 17th to 20th inside Jeffrey Gibson’s installation I AM YOUR RELATIVE at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Sterling Road.

  • MisogyME features Topher Mokzrewski, Jonathan Christopher and Michael Mohammed deconstructing “toxic masculinity” and what it means to be male in the contemporary world.
  • Wreckonciliation features Marion Newman, Jonathon Adams and Yvette Nolan staking a claim on Western classical music as part of Indigenous culture.
  • SPOTLIGHT sees Megan Micelli, Jennifer Pos andBridget Ramzy explore the struggles and triumphs of disabled persons facing the classical ideal within the opera world.

MisogyyME plays with Wreckonciliation at 7.30pm on the 17th.  SPOTLIGHT plays with MisogyME at 7.30pm on the 19th.  The 20th at 1pm sees a PWYC bill of Wrecknonciliation and SPOTLIGHT.

Full details here.

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