Soundstreams 21/22 season

In what seems to becoming the pattern, Soundstreams has announced a 21/22 season which is virtual for the balance of this year with a possible return to “live” early next year.

The digital performances include a new film, Garden of Vanished Pleasures, directed by Tim Albery with music by Cecilia Livingston and Donna McKevitt inspired by Derek Jarman and his garden.  That’s in September.  Ironically I might see it before Jarman’s own film about his garden which I have had on hold at the TPL since January!


November sees Love Songs; Claude Vivier’s piece coupled with a homage to Vivbier by Christopher Mayo.  In December there will be another location filmed version of Electric Messiah including new music by Lieke van der Voort.

First up in 2022 is Canadian percussionist Noam Bierstone (the 2021/22 Soundstreams New Voices guest curator), with Percussion Theatre; his curated concert experience exploring the  concept of instrumental theatre.  Whether this is digital or “in person” is TBD at this point.

The big show of the season is another in what seems like an extraordinary revival of interest in the music of Claude Vivier.  For Greyeyes/Vivier choreographer, director, and actor Michael Greyeyes will create new dance works, inspired by three works by the late Québécois composer Claude Vivier; Zipangu, Shiraz, and Cinq Chansons pour percussion.  Again this is digital or not TBD.

Full details including casting and ticketing can be found here.

But before all that there’s another rather different offering; Quiet Time.  Here’s what composer Robin Dann has to say about it:

Quiet Time is an exploration of mindfulness in solitude. This is reflected in the quiet, introspective composition and experimentation with solo voices, but also as a uniquely solitary listening experience as well. We’re inviting folks to tune in via headphones, and to be alone in their experience of the music as opposed to in a public, group setting. I think that’s part of what makes this program special, how we’ve used the limitations of a digital-only, COVID-safe recording structure and turned that into an essential part of the piece.

The arts are a reflection of the world around us, and can also offer solace and relief from that world. Curation of the Quiet Time experience was inspired by how sounds can feel endless, shapeless, and always changing.”

It;’s being broadcast on-line at 9pm on August 19th and it’s a ticketed event.

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