Where Do I Go?

Where Do I Go? is the latest on-line offering from Tapestry Opera.  It’s an eight minute film followed by ten minutes or so of cast interviews.  The concept originates with the multi-talented Morgan Paige-Melbourne who wrote the music and words, plays piano, sings, speaks and dances on the film. She’s supported by dancer Natasha Poon-Woo and percussionist Adam Kaleta. Michael Mori directs.


It’s an introspective piece blending classical piano from the Tapestry Bösendorfer with spoken word, contemporary dance, pop style music and location filming.  Toronto residents can have fun identifying the filming locations (hint: I think I live within five minutes walk of all of them!).  It’s a fun eight minutes and the interviews are worth a look too.

Technical quality is extremely good and you can find it, for free, on Tapestry’s Youtube channel

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