Further to my post earlier today.  The GGS Fall Opera streaming is not on for tomorrow.  It’s been postponed until January.  This was not communicated to me.  The same thing happened with the Opera Atelier postponed show where it was still showing for the original date right up to that date on the RCM website but in that case OA’s PR people were able to give me the correct information.  I’m not best pleased.

2 thoughts on “Correction

  1. Oy! It’s hard to keep up. I purchased a ticket for the ‘live’ [yes, actually live] recital at the RCM with Elliott Madore and Rachel Andrist this Sunday…then got a call yesterday it’s cancelled. Well, there’ll be a stream available, taped live in Koerner Hall apparently. But very hard for anyone to know when things are happening/not happening these days.

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