Arts Anyway – Episode 1

There were a few technical glitches with the first episode of Arts Anyway so if you went looking for it last night you were likely out of luck.  It’s up now on YouTube though on channel Arts Anyway though you may have to check under “playlists” to find the video.

artsanywayep1It’s basically a low tech video podcast featuring folks from the Toronto opera/music scene. It was MC’s by Aaron Durand with performance segments from Jacques Arseneault (Charles Trenet’s Le Mer) and Natasha Fransblow and Jennifer Routhier (Matthew Emory’s For Broken and Tired Am I).  There was also a long interview between Keith Lam and Jenn Nichols on both personal stuff and the real difficulties of keeping multiple dance based businesses going in some shape or form in the current climate.  It had its lighter moments but, unsurprisingly, it was mostly about how on earth are we all going to get through this with a nod to rapacious corporations and supine government (one being essentially wholly  owned by the other).

I don’t really have a sense of how a show like this plays for anyone else. For me it’s a virtual opportunity to visit with people I normally see in person a regular basis. o it’s hard to say how it would feel for someone who just sees names that they recognise as performers, if at all.  I’m glad it’s happening.  I feel a little less isolated.  Thanks guys.

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