First week of December

There’s not a lot in the calendar this week but what there is is high quality.  Adam Scime’s L’Homme et le Ciel premiers at The Music Gallery on Thursday with a second performance on Friday.  It’s a FAWN Chamber Creative production with Amanda Smith directing.  It has already been extensively written about with contributions from Lydia Perovic, Jenna Douglas and myself so there shouldn’t be too many surprises, though with a new work there are bound to be some!


Then on Friday there’s a rare chance to see Sondra Radvanovsky in recital at Koerner Hall.  The program is here.  She has an unusual voice with a timbre unlike any other soprano I know and, of course, incredible technique rooted in the demands of the bel canto repertoire.  Definitely worth checking out.

ETA:  This just in.  Pax Christi Chorale are doing Berlioz’ L’Enfance du Christ at Grace Church on the Hill on Saturday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 3pm.  It’s an impressive line up of soloists; Olivier Laquerre, Nathalie Paulin, Alain Coulombe, Sean Clark and Matthew Zadow.  It also appears to be choreographed.  Curious about that.  Anyway full details, ticket info and so on is here.

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