A worthy cause

p1130277-001_scaleThis just in.  Apparently Dean Burry doesn’t drink enough beer to generate a sufficient supply of bottle caps to make himself an Ugly Stick.  I find this hard to believe and probably puts his Newfoundland citizenship at risk but there you go.  So, he wants your bottle caps and he wants them by November 15th.  Send your bottle caps via post (apparently this still exists) to Toronto Masque Theatre, 383 Huron Street, Toronto  M5S 2G5. For larger donations (Robert Pomakov are you reading this?) and alternative delivery methods, please call TMT on 416 410 4561.

On Monday, November 16th, Dean will descend into his garage and begin assembling the new ugly stick from the raw materials he has sourced by rifling through boxes of junk, identifying anything that rattles, clanks, or bangs. Working late into the night, he will glue, nail and tie all the noise-makers to a stick. He will then stick that stick into an old rubber boot. Dean claims that it is a precise art, one that requires years of training (and too much Screech).

This bizarre tribal rite is all in aid of the upcoming performances of Dean’s The Mummer’s Masque, a Newfoundland Christmas thing being staged by Toronto Masque Theatre at the the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse on December 17th through 19th.  For more information and tickets please go to their website.

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